Things that affect your auto insurance quotes

The world of auto insurance quotes is a world that is influenced by a very large set of factors. It's a rapidly changing world subject to numerous fluctuations. And if you don't happen to be an insurance expert or professional risk analyst, the reasons behind such a changing environment will look very complex. It's all due to the fact that insurance companies are obsessed about managing and assessing their risks and they will use virtually any piece of information that will help them predict the likelihood of a given event with a given customer. That's why you're always required to provide tons of data when filling out the quote form - it is all used when calculating your rates. Moreover, each insurer uses their own formula for using this data and calculating quotes, so you will always get different rates from different companies. And while some factors may have a very subtle weight in the formulas others will have a serious influence over your rates. So let's look through the "heaviest" factors and see how they usually affect your rates:

Age, sex and marital status

Many people look surprised when they find out that their age, sex or marital status have any effect on auto insurance quotes. But in fact, the weight can be rather pronounced in certain situations. For example, a teenage male driver will usually pay up to twice as high the price than a 40-year-old married woman would. That's because young inexperienced drivers are considered a high risk, women are safer drivers than men and married drivers usually file fewer claims than single car owners. Insurance companies are rigorous about accumulating such statistics and analyzing them.

Place of residence

If you've ever tried getting auto insurance quotes from different locations you've certainly noticed a strange thing: quotes tend to vary a lot depending on where you quote from. That's because each state has its own insurance regulations, the local competition among insurers differs from state to state, business activity is different and traffic intensity (and thus the number of claims) varies from city to village. That's exactly why you can get auto insurance quotes that differ by hundreds of dollars by simply crossing the state border.

Driving record

One of the most important factors that have to do with the car owner's actual driving experience is his or her driving record, which is a document that reflects all driving violations registered. Naturally, if the record is full of entries, especially during a short period of time, the driver is considered a high risk and will be charged with a higher premium. A clean record, respectively, will make you a low-risk driver and your auto insurance quotes will be lower than the average. So there's a good reason to keep it as clean as possible.


It may seem as if the vehicle you're trying to insure doesn't enough weight in the quote calculation, and it's really so. Sometimes the vehicle's parameters such as engine volume, top speed, safety features, theft rates and others play a less important role than the driver's age and sex. But they are still important, especially when comparing quotes for two different vehicles. As a rule of thumb, safe middle-class cars and family wagons get the lowest quotes, while sports cars and SUVs are usually expensive to insure.

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Things that affect your auto insurance quotes

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